Your employment is considered temporary. As an elect to work employee, your assignment may be terminated at any time without prior notice, so therefore you will be paid according to Employment Standards Act. You should notify our office if you accept an assignment and are unable to report at scheduled time, or else four hours would be deducted from your pay cheque.
The method of recording hours of work may vary for each assignment, so it is your responsibility to ensure that you adopt correct method accordingly and have your time sheet signed from supervisor daily/weekly and submit at agency office. Agency is not responsible for payment if time card is not punched both IN and OUT. You must report your supervisor 15 minutes prior to scheduled time.
You may pickup you pay cheque weekly/bi-weekly on Monday or Friday from our office from 9:00AM to 4:00PM upon presenting your SIN and at least one photo ID. Any discrepancies would be investigated and dealt with by the following pay period.
We adopt a ZERO tolerance policy for fighting, horseplay, insubordination, theft, harassment and controlled substance. This included violation of dignity, respect and profanity towards a staff member.
In accordance with Ontario Human Rights Code, every person has right to be free from harassment at workplace by reason of race, ancestry, place of birth, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, marital status, physical disability. Furthermore, every employee has right to be free from sexual harassment, sexual advances or solicitation. Incidents related to harassment should be reported immediately to supervisor and our agency office.
All workplace injuries must be reported to the supervisor and our agency office immediately.
Directors and supervisor are accountable for the safety of the employee and to ensure that all staff is trained properly in safe work practice and made aware of any potential safety hazards. You are required to follow established safe work practices and procedures at the work site. You are expected to follow reasonable instructions given by supervisor, however you must contact agency office immediately if you encounter any unsafe act or conditions or asked to perform any work on equipment irrespective of you qualification that you have not been assigned by agency or work that could prove unsafe for yourself or co-workers. It is mandatory to wear CSA certified Safety Shoes on all industrial assignment, irrespective of internal policies at your assigned work location. No associate is permitted to operate any machine/equipment for which agency did not expressly dispatch or where the client site did not provide adequate training.
8. Agency reserves the right to cancel agreement if any employee is not performing to Agency Standard or to client’s satisfaction.